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Exercises During Pregnancy

Every woman wants to look fit. However, pregnancy brings in a great deal of change in the physical appearance of a woman. But that doesn’t mean you can take care of your fitness when pregnant. There are specific exercises designed for pregnancy that help one stay fit and feel healthy.

Before taking up any exercise, you will have to check with your gynecologist whether it’s safe for you or not.

If you are healthy and do not have any complications, then exercise is the best way to keep yourself and the baby healthy. Exercises reduce risks of many complications in pregnancy. Some of its benefits are:

Increases your energy level: Exercise increases your strength and energy level. Moreover, it also increases your sense of control. It gives relief in back pains, strengthens muscles in back, butt, and thighs and thus improves your posture.

Reduces Stress and Pain in Joints: Exercise accelerates movement in intestine and eases constipation during pregnancy. You even tend to feel joint pain at this stage owing to the hormonal changes. You can activate the lubricating fluid in joints which reduces joint pain by doing the right set of exercises. Exercise even helps in cutting down stress and anxiety.

Increases Stamina: Regular exercise makes your muscles strong and keeps your heart fit that is very helpful for painless delivery. You can control your breath and thus can increase your stamina and prepare yourself for the labor, which is very essential during extended labor pain if any.

Keeps you in Shape: Exercise helps you getting back in shape after pregnancy.